Andrew Wellborn is a well known Northern California Conservative Radio Talk Show Host, and experienced Political Campaign Spokesperson and a 25 year plus Law Enforcement Officer with the California Department of Corrections.  He is also a Nashville Recording Artist whose music is reminiscent of Country Music’s past.  Whether he is exposing political rhetoric by being ahead of the political curve with national topics on his Talk Show or recording his music in Nashville, Andrew’s message reflects the hard hitting truths of real life. 

While working in direct contact with California’s convicted felons daily, Andrew has seen and responded to countless incidents of human on human violence throughout his prison career.  He was a long time local representative of his Profession’s Union and is actively engaged in both California and National Politics. These experiences have allowed him to learn and understand the art of political messaging and how it is used by many small groups of people to influence and affect the day to day lives of most Americans.

By incorporating his speaking, music and radio broadcast, Andrew’s mission is to share his personal experiences in an effort to assist the American people in understanding and challenging the direction the U.S. is being led into.  To date, he has spoken at numerous political conferences/events as well as many service organizations.  Featured guests on his radio show include Lars Larson, Lia Knight of the Lia Show, Business Leaders, members of Congress, State Legislators and many candidates seeking various offices.

Speaking Topics

 Status and challenges in the current political, educational and criminal justice systems.

Interview Samples

Andrew is available for speaking engagements, as well as radio and podcast interviews!