It's not a matter of left or right.

Born American Pride is about...

"... the men and women over the history of our nation that have served and died, the ones who never came back who paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we can have the freedom to do anything we want in life. It highlights America's history,  why we have the freedom we do in the United States and being proud to be an American. It was the last song that my father and I were able to collaborate on. It is a song for us as American's to think about the things that are dividing us as Americans and keeping us from being better as individuals. "  ~Andrew Wellborn

Born American Pride Lyrics

Chorus:                                                            From the California Mountain Boys 

To the hills Of Tennessee 

We know how to keep alive 

This freedom we believe 

Given by a nation’s past 

From those who served and died 

They gave us right to life, liberty 

And our Born American Pride 


Verse One:                                                        Well we’ve heard it out of Congress 

These things we don’t like 

Tearing down the nation 

Tearing down rights 

Groups filled up with corruption 

Groups filled up with them 

Want to take all I earn 

And give it to their friends 


Verse Two:                                                          Now my daddy was no rich man 

He grew up kind of poor 

Took advantage of his liberty 

Gave his family more 

And he taught me how to work hard 

Take the chances that I seek 

Do my part, don’t make this country weak 


(Repeat Chorus) 


Verse Three:                                                      Yes i’m proud to be an American 

I’m proud of who we are 

And I know what it took for us 

To unite fifty stars 

Not the people out there on the streets 

who want to scream and shout 

I’m not sure just what they are screaming about 


Verse Four:                                           And I get sick and tired of listening to them talk 

About how this nation is bad 

And nothing gets me more upset 

When a loser burns the flag 

Of the greatest nation on God’s earth 

Because of those who served and died 

Gave us right to life, liberty, 

And our Born American Pride 


Verse Five:                                                           People want to hurt this country 

They want to hurt it bad 

But we’ve got this constitution 

And it really makes them mad 

So all that nay say hating on America out there 

Really causing all this mess 

This nation’s built and defended 

By our best 


Verse Six:                                                           They shot the skies at Pearl Harbor 

stormed  sands of Normandy

across the fields out in Gettysburg 

they marched so gallantly 

men who fought for our freedoms 

men who fought for our rights 

so let’s bow our heads and pray 

For those souls tonight